Behind The Bag — The Lunch

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The Lunch Collection was inspired by a woman sighted on the streets of Paris holding a simple brown paper lunch bag.

The minimal elegance of this essential form drives the concept behind our most iconic silhouette. Today, the Lunch Collection in its many shapes and sizes takes note from this everyday shape — purity of form embodied in structured, tactile leather.

Discover the evolution of the Lunch.

Preliminary sketches define an essential shape — a rectilinear prism with gusseting inspired by the classic lunch bag. From here, small refinements in proportion and detail elevate the form and add functionality, including a simple roll top with invisible magnetic closure.

The first prototype was the Picnic, a small clutch that, when closed, had a square profile. From here, a larger evening bag version took shape — the Dinner.

With a small and large roll-top clutch on offer, we began to dream up ways explore the design further.

One particularly savvy customer suggested we try a size in between — smaller than the Dinner but with similar proportions. Thus, the Lunch was born.

The success of the Lunch launched a multiplicity of new styles. From the Snack, to the Mini Stash, to the larger-than-life Binge, the minimalist concept graces iterations in shapes and sizes to suit every need.

Discover The Lunch Collection

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