Musings on The Lunch

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Now that mask mandates are being lifted in many cities around the globe, we are hoping to be able to have the luxury of going out a bit more. 

When I am ready to venture out to a favorite restaurant or pub, I’m posed with the question: What to wear? And which bag to carry?

One thing I will be wearing here in Los Angeles is a good red lip (Givenchy #27 is my current favorite) and one of my favorite Marie Turnor leather Lunch bags. With so many finishes and colors available in the Lunch, it can be difficult to choose. Do I want a color that perfectly matches my outfit, or a vibrant stand-out piece? 


I always carry my Snak — the smallest leather bag in the Marie Turnor Lunch collection — because I have to re-apply the red lip after eating or drinking, of course!

The spelling of the Snak is intentional, by the way. I wanted the petite leather clutch to have it’s own distinct personality. It truly is small but mighty; despite — or perhaps because of — its size, I’ve found it to be my most useful Marie Turnor bag. It can hold lipsticks and a small magnifying mirror, my credit cards or cash, and various other small objects. I always carry it in my Lunch bag, or in any handbag really.

I recently bought a new black dress and I do like some contrast in the handbag I carry. Last evening I went on a cocktail date with my husband to a cozy local bar with a dark, industrial vibe. I took along my Lunch bag in Whiskey — so appropriate, don’t you think? The warm, soft look of the leather matched with the drink I chose, which had an interesting mix of smoky flavors.


Many people question the usefulness of the Lunch. How do you use it? What’s the best way to carry a luxury clutch? It’s actually a very simple-to-use accessory. I like to carry my Lunch bag under my arm when I’m standing. In this way I can use both hands, either to hold a drink or shake a hand or simply to express myself. While walking, I usually hold the Lunch in my hand by the top or corner so that it hangs down next to my leg — don’t worry, nothing will fall out! The invisible magnetic closure makes sure of that. Another way to hold a clutch bag is to squish the roll-top and grab, literally clutch, it. 


One of the best things about the roll top Lunch, Dinner or Snak bags is how handy they are for use inside of a larger purse or tote. Do you like the security of a big tote bag? Stash one of these bags inside to separate your smaller accessories so they are not floating around inside your tote. I keep my Origami Wallet, a pack of tissues, my Snak, sunglasses, and a pen and pad (to jot down design ideas!) inside my Lunch bag.

My favorite thing about the Lunch is its versatility – its elegant simplicity lends itself to a range of uses, from nesting within a larger bag to being the star of the show. The Lunch is by your side, wherever you may be going next.

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