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Neelam Ahooja is a Toronto-based stylist, collector and MT Muse.

We caught up with Neelam to discuss current inspirations, words of wisdom and her everyday must-haves.

Whats in your bag?

Mask, tissues
Credit cards/etc
Travel Hairspray!!
Protein bar
8Greens lollipop 😆

Do you have a personal mantra or a quote that you keep going back to?

You can't miss what the universe has planned for you.

Tell us about one of your most cherished objects.

My father framed The Serenity Prayer for me decades ago when I was having a hard time and sent it to me. It's a treasure.

Are there any particular creative minds that inspire you?

Too many to choose from, here are a few: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen 😉
Georgia O'Keeffe
Rei Kawakubo
Ana Khouri
Ian McEwan
Margaret Atwood
And the musicians (music has always been a significant influence in my life) - Fleetwood Mac, Eddie Vedder, Bryan Ferry, Peter Gabriel, Morrissey, Sade, to name just a few.

Leaving so many out. Too hard to capture all of them!

Where is your favorite place?

Scottsdale Arizona ranks pretty high — we're avid hikers.

What are some of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned in life or in work?

If you don't stay true to your authentic self you not only do yourself a disservice but you also rob the world of the gifts you came to share.

Everyone is here to play a different role so don't compare your journey to theirs.

You don't always have all the answers so listen and learn. As Wayne Dyer would say, trade knowledge for bewilderment.

What do you love about your Marie Turnor pieces?

I love the clean timeless shape of the bags. The chalky color of The Lunch in Crème is divine. They’re soft and squishy and nice to hold. Honestly, it’s the first bag I think of when heading out for an evening because I know the style will suit any outfit, it’s light to carry, and large enough to be functional.

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